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RINGANA Fresh body care means, above all, natural beauty. Therefore, our ingredients come exclusively from nature. With proper extraction, processing and combination, they unfold the full effect. The recipe: absolute freshness, expertise and a hearty portion.
What does fresh mean?
Only when you process the vegetable raw materials immediately, the valuable ingredients are preserved in their pure form. You can feel this freshness. Because every ounce of our ingredients has an important task to fulfill: to make every facet of your body worthwhile. Our biggest organ is the skin, we should take special care of that. With the
RINGANA FRESH COSMETICS gives it the necessary amount of moisture and effective ingredients. The result is a silky smooth skin and a radiant complexion. RINGANA FRESH COSMETICS combines knowledge from Ayurveda and TCM with the latest science. For example, our new active cell emulsion technology will inspire you: tiny particles literally get under your skin and unfold their full potential there. In turn, microcell emulsion technology combines protection and care in an exemplary manner. These are completely new dimensions of high-tech FRESH COSMETICS.