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What makes RINGANA so special?

RINGANA is fresh. The products are freshly made for the customers and do without preservatives. Therefore, active ingredients can come into play that no other manufacturer can use, but which are highly potent. For example, bud extracts that are full of energy would lose their effect through preservatives.

RINGANA is more than just natural cosmetics: RINGANA is high-tech fresh cosmetics. All products are optimally bioavailable in their active ingredients. The active ingredients also reinforce each other. The products contain no fillers or ingredients that harm the body or the environment. Therefore, they are particularly compatible and at the same time unbeaten in their effect. The products of RINGANA are ecocert and cosmos certified.

RINGANA is fair. The suppliers of the individual raw materials are paid above the market price. All contributors within the company and also the independent freshness partners are treated fairly and paid. Over 80% of management positions are held by women.

RINGANA is innovative. The production site in Hartberg houses its own research and development department. The natural energy drink RINGANAchi is even patented. New packaging techniques such as airless pump dispensers made from renewable raw materials or outer packaging made from organic cotton towels relieve the strain on the environment.

RINGANA is excellent. The company shines with numerous awards, including the European Business Award, the Trigos Steiermark and the Austrian Climate Protection Prize.

RINGANA – fresh matters

Why care purely from nature?

Reason # 1: The effect

Man is a product of nature. It consists entirely of living cells. These cells work best with nutrients pure from nature. Therefore, the effect is noticeable and visible.

Reason # 2: Conservation

Neither nature nor the human body harm RINGANA's production process. RINGANA has also developed unique environmental concepts for delivery and packaging.

Reason # 3: Ethics

RINGANA buys raw materials directly from mid-market smallholder farmers around the world above the market price. All employees and consultants are also treated fairly and paid.

How does fresh cosmetics work?

Find your RINGANA product

Either on this website or call for your personal consultation easy and uncomplicated your fresh partner Isabelle Jürgens: +49 (0)172 9554744

The product is freshly made

The product you choose is always made fresh, so all antioxidants work on and in your body - not in the packaging.

You get your products fresh ex works

Without intermediaries, without storage, all products come fresh produced directly to your home. So you can enjoy the spectacular effect in your bathroom.