Organic Botox to go


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RINGANA ADDS effect in the test

The RINGANA ADDS effect promise an SOS effect for immediate tightening. Great, because we wanted to get rid of small wrinkles on the eye anyway. And thus ordered and tested.

immediate effect:

In fact, we have noticed an immediate effect. But one after another. The product is always applied together with a RINGANA serum, the FRESH hydro serum or the FRESH anti wrinkle serum. The mixing ratio is 2 parts serum, 1 part effect. For example, 2 pump strokes serum, 1 pump effect. Put both together in the open palm and mix the creams to a homogeneous mass. With this one then creams in the face, neck and décolleté. After a few minutes, the wrinkles visibly smooth. We were so surprised by the result that we could hardly believe it and did the Hardcoretest with a male steep worry line and lo and behold: here, too, after a few minutes, an immediate effect. Since the ADDS effect is not a miracle cure, of course not completely gone. So it does not look like Botox. The effect lasts about 12 hours.

Long-term effects:

After 6 weeks, the skin is noticeably fuller and smoother, deep wrinkles have become lines and lines are barely visible. We now call the FRESH ADDS effect Organic-Botox-to-go.

My test result

  • Anti-wrinkle immediate effect with up to 12 hours of visibility
  • Long-term effect from about 6 weeks clearly visible

The packaging of this product can be reused as part of the RINGANA Recycling Program. Collect glass bottles and get a product of your choice from the cosmetics line for free.

Additional information


Citrus aurantium dulcis fruit water* (Orangenwasser), Nelumbo nucifera root water (Lotuswasser), Pyrus malus fruit water (Apfelwasser), Oryza sativa bran water (Reiswasser), Rosa damascena flower water* (Rosenwasser), Aqua°, Pentylene glycol (pflanzlicher Feuchtigkeitsspender), Glycerin (Feuchtigkeitsspender), Alcohol°, Hydroxypropyl methylcellulose (Zellulosederivate für Straffungseffekt), Pullulan (hautstraffende Substanz), Hydrolyzed sodium hyaluronate, Bis(Tripeptide-1) Copper acetate (Anti-Falten-Kupferpeptid), Methylglucoside phosphate, Copper lysinate/prolinate (faltenreduzierender Aktiv-Wirkstoff), Acmella oleracea extract (natürlicher Wirkstoff mit Botox-ähnlicher Wirkung), Porphyridium cruentum extract (Mikroalgen Hochleistungs-Faltenglätter mit Soforteffekt), Sodium hyaluronate (Mischung kurz- und langkettiger Hyaluronsäuren), Hamamelis virginiana leaf extract* (Zaubernussextrakt), Sodium phytate (antioxidativer Reiskleieextrakt), Arginine (feuchtigkeitsspendende Aminosäure), Citric acid (Zitronensäure)
* Inhaltsstoffe aus kontrolliert biologischem Anbau
° Kommt als Bestandteil eines Wirkstoffes in das Produkt