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In this article, you’ll learn why you should become a Fresh Partner right now, why you should join Fresh Matters, and why RINGANA is the best company MLM currently offers.

What makes RINGANA so special?

RINGANA business partners benefit from an annual growth of 50%

Being a RINGANA business partner means working with a company that has an incredibly strong 50% annual growth. This means that you can grow by 50% a year, that you can find 50% more sales and 50% more customers annually.

RINGANA Partner Trend Market

You work in a trend market: You offer fair, sustainable consumer products with a noticeable effect. Everything purely from nature. And also vegan and without animal experiments. These points inspire more and more people today.

Europe’s leading freshness supplier

RINGANA is the leading freshness supplier in Europe. Nowhere do you get fresher cosmetics than at this company. The virtually freshly pressed cosmetics and vital substances mean that you can offer your customers effective vitamins and ingenious ingredients that no other manufacturer can use in their products.

100 % green business

The headquarters of RINGANA in Hartberg was housed in an existing old supermarket. The entire building was renovated and expanded according to ecological guidelines. The solar system on the roof makes the location energy self-sufficient. The logistics have been designed sustainably, so the RINGANA truck with goods ready for dispatch arrives at various logistics service providers in Graz, instead of the fact that several trucks have to drive to Hartberg to transport the same amount of parcels. The printed matter is all made with recycled paper, the printing inks are completely mineral-oil-free. Voids in packages are filled up with organic corn popper that customers can use as fertilizer at home. The list can be continued arbitrarily, details we explain personally.

Multiple award-winning

For someone who wants to become RINGANA’s fresh partner, it’s probably particularly interesting that he can count on a multi-award-winning company. Whether sustainability, fairness, optics or ethics: RINGANA is a pioneer in every respect and proves this through numerous awards. Among other things, RINGANA is decorated with the Austrian Climate Protection Prize, is Austria’s best family business, wears the Styrian coat of arms, the predicate Leitbetrieb Austria, the Green Brands Austria seal of approval, received the Trigos Steiermark and so it goes straight on.

Groundbreaking in research, development and natural high tech

The own research and development makes it possible for RINGANA to constantly create new trends . At the company headquarters in Hartberg, a team of top-class scientists is always looking for new active ingredients in the plant world to make the RINGANA products even better and develop them further. For the RINGANA partners, there is free training at Fresh Meals so that everyone can always stay on the ball.

Reassignment rate: 70%

The customers are so satisfied with RINGANA that they re-order with a probability of 70%. This is an incredibly high number that can not be found in any comparable company. Again, RINGANA is a pioneer. This means for RINGANA partners that thanks to the one-year customer loyalty they do not have to constantly search for new customers, but instead work with their regular customers and occasionally accept new customers.

With these 6 simple steps, you can now become RINGANA freshness partner:

  1. Sign up now
  2. Define your time budget
  3. Offer products of which you are convinced
  4. Collect knowledge from your mentor Isabelle Jürgens, in academies, seminars and free training
  5. Stick your goals
  6. Build your team


Yes, I want to become RINGANA freshness partner!

What makes RINGANA so special?

At RINGANA, 75% of women work in leading decision-making positions. We support each other wherever we can. The values ​​of freshness, ethics, fairness are not empty phrases, but are consistently lived. We learn what appreciation means. Our daily activities are appreciated by our colleagues and the company alike. High-quality incentives beckon to those of us who put a lot of effort into it. RINGANA gives us security and confidence. The company has been successful in the market for more than 20 years and grows on average by 40% annually. There is no comparable competitor worldwide. We recommend unique products. And that makes the customers happy: 70% of the customers order permanently and independently again.

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