RINGANA – Sustainable, fresh, ethical

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Sustainability is paramount: From the choice of location for the Hartberg fresh shop in Styria to the upcycling of cool eco-packaging: RINGANA is all about sustainability.

Pure freshness

RINGANA produces high-tech fresh cosmetics and super foods. The high-quality ingredients are purely from nature. In developing the products, RINGANA is deliberately careful not to use preservatives, PEGs, synthetic fragrances and dyes, mineral oils and other synthetic additives. The cosmetic products are certified according to ECOCERT.

The products are not available in drugstores and pharmacies. Because due to a long storage period, the active ingredients would already lose potential on the shelf. In order to guarantee freshness, the products can only be purchased in the web shop. If you would like advice, call + 49 (0) 172 9554744 without obligation or send an email to isabelle@fresh-matters.de.

The RINGANA fresh factory

In order not to obstruct the beautiful Austrian landscape even more, Andreas Wilfinger chose an empty supermarket in Hartberg as a production site. This has been upcycled to the modern production facility: This is where research laboratories, production, bottling, QM and the raw material warehouse find their space. The fresh shop uses a photovoltaic and process refrigeration plant powered by solar energy. This saves up to 80% fresh water per year.

The production facility, the office building and the company’s own fleet are more than carbon neutral. The service car drives with electricity. The plug station can also be used by visitors and employees. The acquisition of a Tesla Powerball system is planned for the future.

Sustainable printed

All types of publicity material are printed on FSC-certified recycled paper. The adhesive of the parcel ribbons is made of natural rubber.

Recycling concept

Our most sensitive cosmetic products are bottled in medical plastic bags, of course without softener. Pump dispensers release the creams from the vacuum to avoid any contact with oxygen. To protect these bags, they tuck into glass containers.

Please don’t throw them away: Collect the glass containers and give them to your RINGANA partner for a return to the fresh factory. On return, you can have a product of your choice sent home from the cosmetics line free of charge with the next order.

The glass containers are cleaned and disinfected in the fresh factory with pure rose alcohol so that they are ready to protect the next product. This is how you protect the environment and make yourself a joy.

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ECO packaging

RINGANA’s packaging is recyclable. For the glass containers not being damaged during transport, our employees wrap them by hand in organic cotton towels from the Waldviertel.

The filling material in the shipping boxes is made of corn. The material is compostable and can also be used as fertilizer. The Sachets of the RINGANA PACKS are free from aluminum, and research is currently still being carried out on compostable Sachets. Old weaving banners make cosmetic bags and Christmas presents.

Social responsibility

RINGANA sources the raw materials for the products from biocertified family farms. In this way, the company makes an important contribution to minimizing rural exodus, for example in Senegal or the Amazon. Sustainable social work is important for RINGANA. This means RINGANA supports people in their home countries on the ground. In this country, the company also cooperates with the local Caritas, Life Aid as well as the companies Heidenspass and VAMOS.

Awarded Quality

RINGANA has already won 19 awards, including

  • 2010 TRIGOS Styria, the award for Corporate Social Responsibility
  • 2011 LUXEPACK for the idea of wrapping the glass bottles with cotton towels
  • 2015 the Austrian Climate Change Award (Österreichischer Klimaschutzpreis)
  • Since 2016, the RINGANA soap has been awarded the Austrian eco-label (Österreichisches Umweltzeichen)

Career opportunities

RINGANA offers all interested parties, regardless of their origin or previous knowledge, the opportunity to pursue a unique career in the company. With an ideal work-life balance and on an independent basis.

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